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Get Fun to Play Jumpcat Free Flash Game

Jumpcat is a fast CPG (Cat-playing game), where you need to power jumps correctly to avoid the trees, rocks, helicopters, and missiles coming at you. Music by cycerin: Thanks to Greg, and the beta testers from the Kongregate and Newgrounds forums. /p>

Read Below how to Play this Jumpcat Game

There are several control schemes available, and each is fully explained in game. If you use a keyboard control scheme, the left arrow and the ‘a’ button will move you left while the right arrow and the ‘d’ button will move you right. Up, ‘w’, or space will power up a jump. Using mouse controls, move the mouse left and right and Jumpcat will move to that position. Click to jump. To pause, press ‘p’. You can play this on your Wii browser – just select the mouse option and use the A button on the Wii remote to click.

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